The ideal partner


A 360 degree development


The long term experience and the attention paid to the experimentation of new yarns and stitches as well as to the latest market trends make Mely’s the ideal partner for the development process between sketch and final product
Mely’s is available to designers with both the expertise of the Research, Development and Pattern Making Department and the inspiration from its own database.

Pattern making is followed by all the studies necessary to the manufacturing of the product, translating the idea into a feasibility study and a manufacturing process.

Subsequently, Mely’s develops the actual production, controls quality accurately, and manages all the logistic aspects including the distribution to sales outlets.

Quality & Control

An essential phase of any manufacturing or sampling process is quality control.
It is a meticulous proceeding repeated for any manufacturing phase, which certifies the quality of Mely’s garments. Each item is therefore checked several times both at the end of a single manufacturing step and after the product is finished, thus allowing only a minimal margin of error and guaranteeing uniform excellent manufacturing quality standards.


Mely’s has a flexible dynamic organisation which allows the integration of its own expertise with complementary services created to meet the organisational and logistic needs of our customers.
Upon request, Mely’s can divide orders and label, wrap and ship garments to logistic centres or directly to the customers’ sales outlets within an arranged timing.

Manufacturing Flexibility

The engine driving Mely’s operativity draws its proactive strength from the passion for its own job.
Mely’s is always looking for new ideas, new incentives, new projects to carry out new experimentations, offering practical support to both designers from important fashion houses and emerging talents. That is why Mely’s customers are not asked for a minimum production. Since Mely’s directly purchases yarns, it can deal with small productions, customised items and special orders. Moreover, Mely’s can create customised tailor-made garments for its customers

Pattern Making

An inner department realises paper patterns from sketches.
The pattern making phase allows the analysis of the finished garment wearability, using all necessary studies for the subsequent manufacturing steps

Work with us

Work with us

MELY’S TEAM IS ALWAYS HUNTING FOR TALENTED COLLABORATORS TO INTEGRATE ITS COMPETENCES AND ENHANCE ITS CORPORATE KNOW-HOW. If you are truly fond of fashion and knitwear and/or you have a feel for handicrafts, don’t hesitate and send your CV to